Full & New Moon Rituals

When I post about an upcoming Full or New Moon I often get asked what a ritual is, or how to perform one. 

As the moon orbits, the different proportions of the lit section are called phases - google moon phases to find a full Lunar Calendar. 

The moon's energy is at it's strongest on a full moon. Connecting to that strong lunar energy can give you a feel of grounding, of connection to the universe and it's power.

Use this full energy to charge your Crystals - let them bathe in the moon's light, ideally this would be outside but if you don't have a secure area a windowsill will do.

The full moon is also a time for reflecting on what is currently serving you well - celebrating this, feeling gratitude - and what you want to let go of, so that we don't take the negative energy, negative thoughts and the things that aren't serving us in to the New Moon phase. Use the time to cleanse your aura and space around you with sage smoke. Meditate under the moonlight, feel that grounding and connection. Light a candle. Make a list of what is no longer serving you and release them; this could be burning the list, speaking it out loud, or just quietly releasing from your mind. We aren't taking these things to the next phase. 

Next set your new, fresh, positive intentions and goals. What do you want to manifest? Again you could meditate, speak this in to existence or write it in a journal. This is ready for the New Moon Phase - the negativity was left behind, this is about new beginnings and fresh positive intentions. 

The Full Moon can be a time of heightened emotions so be kind to yourself, you don't have to do everything in one night! Use the transition phase between Full and New Moon. 

Alot of people take 'Moon Baths' as the moon controls the tides, water helps them feel a deeper connection. As well as bathing in the moon's energy this can be a time for some self-care. As we mentioned earlier this is also a time for celebration, celebrating what has gone well, what you are grateful for and celebrating you, try some self love affirmations 'I am enough' 'I am strong' 'look how far I have come'

As you become more experienced you will build up your own moon phase routine and find the rituals that work for you. I'd love to hear some of them. 


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